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Zumba T-shirts $10
(while they last)

How to cut a one size fits all Zumba t-shirt!

T-Shirt Cutting Tips:
1) Use sharp scissors that have only been used to cut fabric.

2) Cut all your projects on a hard flat surface.

3) If you like can mark your cut lines with chalk before you cut your project.

4) WATCH the videos posted below on this page.

5) PRACTICE creating designs on you old shirts!

6) View other cutting videos on YOU TUBE to help you become aware of various styles or cutting techniques.
This will help you decide what style is right for you!

Have fun! After I cut my first old T-shirt I was hooked! I am sure you will be too!

How to cut a one size fits all Zumba t-shirt!

Zumba Wear video - More good cutting tips!

Click here to link to You Tube for all kinds of t-shirt cutting & beading video's for you to choose from!

LOVE ZUMBA! Drop in class $7
(includes sales tax)

ZUMBA® Fitness Schedule at:
North Bay Christ the King 
4895 Birch Bay Lynden

Monday   6pm ZUMBA®
Wednesday 9am ZUMBA®
Thursday 6pm ZUMBA®
Saturday 9am ZUMBA®

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